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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

{B} Family...

I know, I know.  This poor blog of mine has been oh-so neglected this past month.  I apologize.  Life has been increasingly busy with all the upcoming Holidays.  My December is already full to the brim with family and friend get-togethers.  SO EXCITED!!  :)  But I finally found a spare moment to share one of my recent photoshoots with you...  And Oh. My. WOW!  What a GORGEOUS family.    Again, I was faced with the challenge of narrowing down my top favs to share with everyone.  Too many great ones not to share.  But I will start with what I THINK to be my favorite...  Why is it my fav?  Well, for starters the little models, are just that; models.  And then that back light, with the sun flare... WOW!  I just love it when the sun peaks out to play with me and my camera, especially in this colder weather.  ;) {J},  I think this one would be stunning blown up HUGE.  :)  Good luck picking your favs.  Thanks for letting me capture your amazing little family.  You guys are awesome!  Enjoy...

 Gasp!  More of my favorites.  I can hardly stand this ADORABLE face.  And can you say BLUE EYES!?!?  I swear to you, I didn't even touch those baby blues in photo shop.  There was absolute no need.  They are honestly that bright and wonderful.  Infact, I couldn't stop mentioning it at the shoot.  lol.

*sigh*  What did I tell you?  Was that not such a beautiful family or what?  I know you're probably sick of me mentioning it.  So I'll shush now.  But lastely I just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING tomorrow!!!!  :)  Lots of Love, Cherie

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