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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Such Perfect Little Lips!

It's been a while since I've had a newborn girl in the studio.  Don't get me wrong, little boys are JUST as precious, but there is something about girl PROPS that get me all sorts of giddy!  haha!  And I was EXTREMELY excited to get this new tutu romper, and gorgeous headband in the mail from Swan Creek Boutique!  THANKS CHANTAL!  Chantal makes the softest, seriously most BEAUTIFUL things for little girls, not just newborns.  Be sure to check out her etsy shop!  (click on link above, or there is also a link under my gallery page to refer back to)  :)  Thanks so much {M} for bringing your sweet baby {J}.  She is absolutely perfect, and I'm simply in love with those lips!!  :)  Enjoy...


Matt said...

Oh Cherie!!
You can certaintly create magic! Those are just precious...Love, love them!!

Adam and Jennine Watson said...

Finally found a model for your new photo props. So adorable!!