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Thursday, February 25, 2010


I know what you're thinking: "This girl is a DOLL!" And I couldn't agree more. This is yet another one of my beeeautiful nieces! And she LOVES pink, and princesses. Can you tell? :) Her birthday is coming up, and she's having a Princess and the Frog theme for her party. How cute is that?! And I had the privilege of taking photos of her for her invitations. Thanks so much {L}!



cute froggy



what's that


gerrynine said...

Your pictures just get better and better.

Adam and Jennine Watson said...

These pictures are so- cute! Her invites will be adorable!!

Adam and Jennine Watson said...

She has the most gorgeous eyes! I love the picture with her head resting on her hand. They are all so beautiful though!

Blake and Cherie said...

Thank you! I truly apprecate the comments. :D

Adam and Sherry said...

O MY THESE ARE ADORABLE!!!!!! I so want to do something like this for Lindsay!!! LOVE THEM!!!