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Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine Baby...

This was such a fun shoot! Alora is such a pretty little thing. Don't you just love how BIG and BLUE her eyes are? She's also a fun and silly little girl. Every time I'd ask her to do a little pose for me, or put her arm somewhere she'd politely say "no". haha! She didn't like the cold all that well, but once we took her inside she warmed right up and gave me some BEAUTIFUL shots! Thanks {G} for bringing her up! It was so fun! :D

Alora 1

Alora 2

Alora 3

alora 4

alora 5

alora 6


Blacketts said...

LOVE the pictures!!!!!!!!!

Catherina said...

Cute!!!:-) We need to do a shoot of my belly and Bella:-) In your house:-) You still up for it?

Blake and Cherie said...

Thank you! Yes, Cat, I'm SO up for it! Come on up when ever you'd like! :D

Adam and Jennine Watson said...

She looks like a little princess, too.