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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

{D} Is One!

      Well, he's almost one anyway.  ;)   It seems like I just took {D}'s newborn photos, I remember it like it was yesterday... I told his dad at the shoot, "MAN that went by fast!"  His response: "Yes, the longest and fastest year of our lives."  HAHA!  Isn't that the truth with these wee ones?!  LOL.
{D} is such a teaser, at both of his last photoshoots he greets me with the biggest grin, as if to say "should've had your camera ready at the door, cause that's all I'm given ya."  haha!  Little stinker changes his attitude as soon as I take out the camera.  But, we were persistant, and got some darling cheesers out of the handsome little guy!

Cake smashing time!  Isn't that cake awesome!!  Yes, it's a cake!  :)  I think it even almost fooled little {D}... I loved how he tried rolling it around.  LOL.

 And what would be a soccer cake without a cute little foot in it?  ;)


stacibatchelor said...

Love these! Thanks so much Cherie!

Teresa Rady said...

Wonderful photos!!! The most precious little guy. :)