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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm Booked Out...

Oh my goodness!!!!  I don't know where to begin!  I'm feeling a little overcome with emotion right now.  I'd blame it on the hormones, but I think I'm overusing that excuse lately.  lol.  I am still in the process of returning many emails that I recieved last night and today... so if you have emailed me before  3 pm today (July 31st) do not fret just yet, I have a spot for you, I just felt the need to hurry and post this before I recieved any more requests to book any more photoshoots... because after I reply to these last few people on my list to get back to, I will be completely booked out for the year.

I can't even begin to express how humbled I am by this.  All of your kind words, to know that you all have been so pleased with my work and want to come back for more... it's amazing and wonderful to me!!!  I find so much joy in serving each of you, but I'm finding it to be more and more difficult to balance this passion of mine, and my family.  There might be some more changes in the future, like perhaps go on the hunt for hiring some help?  I'm not sure.  I just know I can't keep up with the work load all by myself, and still be a full time mother at the same time.  The only thing I DO know is I'd love to make it all work... so I can continue doing photography, AND being a mommy.  Anyway, I need to get back to some emails... so perhaps some updates on a later day.  :)  Until then, THANK YOU AGAIN FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!  And I'll hopefully being seeing those who I didn't get booked this go-around next year.  :)

Much Love and Gratitude -Cherie

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