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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Christmas Boutique Cards!

My Boutique card templates from Sarah Gourdie Designs are in!  What are boutique cards?  They are press printed cards with a more fun and beautiful edge then your regular strait 5x7 cards.   (Prices vary, contact me for an exact price quote, and more information on how to order press printed cards through me)  Some of these edges are a little difficult to see because of the white on white... but I put a simple detail after their number.   
Love the designs but would rather have them as a strait edge in a 5x7?  That's not a problem.  I also have these same designs in strait 5x7's!  And I can customize them to say whatever you wish (so long as I can get it to fit on the card and still be legible)

1.  Rounded corners 5x7:

 2. fancy ornate 5x7:

 3. Fancy ornate squared  (same shape as above, but just in a 5x5):

 4. Fancy ornate 5x7:

 5. Fun ornate 5x7:

 6. two rounded corners 5x5:

 7. Rounded corners 5x7:

 8. Funky ornate 5x5:

 9. Snowflake 5x5:

 10. Fancy ornate 5x10:

1 comment:

Blacketts said...

I would like one of each. For real! Love the snowflake one!