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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Graduation Announcement Cards (Girly)...

Here are my latest Graduation Announcement templates from Sarah Gourdie Designs!!  Seniors: Just let me know the number of the card you'd love to have, (located above the card), as well as the number of the photo/s you'd like on the card, and I can get them made, and sent out to you by the next day!  :)
These print just like a regular photo as a 5x7.  
Unless you'd like them press printed (printed on both sides; there are matching backs to each of these cards)  (still size 5x7) Let me know if you're interested in press printing them, and I can get you a price quote.  :)  I tried to post them as close to actual size as possible.  They are posted here just SLIGHTLY larger than the actual size they'll print as.  (about 1/4th of an inch larger)







1 comment:

Belle said...

My Mom and I love, love, love these!!!! I am going to call you in the next few days and order from you!!!Thanks again for choosing me to be your model, I loved doing it for you!!!