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Monday, May 16, 2011

{E} ~ 9 months...

Sweet, sweet, little miss {E}...  How I love this kid!!!  :)  She's only 9 months old, but boy does she have a personality to boot!  :)   I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face during the shoot, nor while editing.  And every time I look at these photos I can't help but giggle.  {A}, I can't thank you enough for letting me capture her one last time before your big move came.  I'm so glad to have met her, and if you're ever back this way again, I hope you look me up once more.  :)

 She's getting busy!  haha!  She can't quite stand up all the way on her own yet, but she gets half way there!  lol.  I caught her in this stance, and then when she heard us laughing decided to turn around to see what on earth was going on.  It was the funniest thing!
Just one more funny tid-bit about this angel, she doesn't like grass.  It may look like she's starting to fall backwards in this photo below (left), but really she was just hovering her legs above the grass so her bare feet wouldn't touch it.  hahaha!  She honestly sat like that the whole time, I don't recall her legs ever coming down very much.  You got some awesome muscles {E}!  ;)

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Blacketts said...

The last picture is so perfect it looks like a painting!