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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

{E} is TWO!

I know I'm not {E}'s mommy, but I just love this girl so much!  Let me just tell you a few of the things I love about {E}...

  • She has RED hair
  • She shares the same Birthday as my little girl!
  • She has a personality that keeps you smiling
  • She has scrapes on her knees ;) ... always on the go, never slowing down
  • She's already well on her way to becoming as smart as her mom and dad!
  • She loves fruit snacks and Elmo
And I mean, come on, how could you not LOVE that sweet face?!?!?   Thanks so much {A} for letting me chase her around for an evening.  (Although, I think you ran more than I did.)  ;)  I really can't get enough of her!  :)

Just an FYI, I didn't really ask {E} to do anything for me, she was her own little poser. :)  I had to dash to her when she found the dandelions and started making "wishes"  seriously, she is so cute and FUN!

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