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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

He's Finally Here!

Introducing... our precious new addition!  We couldn't be more smitten with this little man.  He was well worth the wait he made us have to get him here.  He is such a smiley, loving, cuddley little baby.  To say we feel  overjoyed and blessed to have such a little miracle in our home would be an understatement.  Words just can't express it.  :)  We love you baby boy!!!

       And I can't thank all of YOU enough, for all your prayers and well wishes in getting him here.  And also all of your sweet understaindings in me taking time off to simply snuggle up on this little love bug.  I seriously have the most WONDERFUL clients friends ever!!  :)  When it gets a bit closer to fall, I'll keep you posted on when I'll be scheduling for photoshoots again.  So, enjoy your summer!!  (I know I will)  ;)

 My little {B} can't get enough of her little brother either.  She loves to smother him in kisses as much as I do.  She is such a good big sister, and moma's big helper.  When I look at these photos below I'm still in unbelief that I now have TWO children!  LOL.  I love them oh-so-much.  :)


Blacketts said...

Love them all!!! Blow them all up big.

Adam and Jennine Watson said...

I love how many big sweet smiles you captured! Also, his chubby cheeks. So cute!

Lindsay said...

So darling! He is so cute love all of them. He is such a happy baby, I love his dimple!

Bryce and Allison Almond said...

Congrats!!!! You have two cute children! I love his cute smiles!!!