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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Dresses...

This post is actually part I of II.  This post is of my darling niece: Princess {E}; yes, she IS a princess.  ;)  (Part II will be of my sweet little girl in her Easter Dress; both were done on the same day)  I'm a busy busy bee editing away it seems everyday.  And I haven't really had the time to edit my own personal pictures, nor my families'.  (I put us after my clients) Sorry sis!   This photo shoot was literally became entire days' event.  But oh how FUN it was!  And I'm  sure you can tell from these pictures, or even from my Princess comment above, that {E} is as girly-girl as they come.  She LOVES dresses.  Like, LOVES them.  She LOVES being a princess, and she LOVES getting her picture taken.  She's honestly one of my favorite little models to shoot, because she's SOO easy to work with.  And I'm not just being biased because she's my niece.  She really is SOO easy to work with!!  (Probably because she enjoys it so much)  LOL.  And I love that she's slowly wearing off on MY little Princess.  ;)  haha!  Enjoy these {L}!  I'm tempted to put these up next to {B}'s pics in my house and claim BOTH of them as my own!  LOL.

 She's such a little poser!  haha!  I love it.  :)

 My two most FAVORTIE below:   SWOON!!!  =D

Be sure to check back for part II!  (Hopefully to be posted before too long)  haha!


Blacketts said...

Love, love,love them!!!!!

Dave and Natalie said...

oh those eyes!!!!

Matt said...

Seriously?!?! Those are GORGEOUS!! You are so talented!! And I know it does help to have such a darling girl to photograph!