Please excuse the "details" and "pricing" pages at this time... as I am currently taking
an extended break from photography...
I will not be scheduling any new photoshoots at this time.

About Cherie

I am first and foremost a mother and a wife.  I adore my little family!
I have always loved photographs, especially old black and white photos.   :)  I find that photos can tell a story without any words.
But my love for photography blossomed after I had my little girl.  I couldn't get enough of her sweet little face and capturing all of her precious moments.
It wasn't long before photography became my main creative outlet, and I found myself wanting to do more.  Thus became "Cherie Gailey Photography".
Because I do photography for my love of the art, you'll find my prices to be very affordable.
If you like what you see here on my blog and would like me to capture YOUR life's precious moments, please contact me.  I'd love to create a "treasure" for you that you'll love and always have to remember.